Our Beers

Ostego Golden Ale, 6% ABV

Fresh, clear and crisp – delicate pilsner malts and light spicy hops result in a medium/low bodied ale with a crisp, dry finish. Perfect sunshine in a glass.

Wit Bier, 5% ABV

NY pilsner, wheat malts and oats provide this beer with a rounded, fuller mouthfeel while unique Belgian yeast and coriander lend citrus and spicy notes.

XO Sour, 6% ABV

A little tart and totally refreshing. This slightly hoppy sour uses the best of NY barley, wheat and hops to create a soft citrus flavor with a kiss of fruit that goes perfectly with summer sunshine.

Jessica’s Red Ale, 5.8% ABV

American Red Ale features bright citrus hops and caramel malts that have a light rye spiciness, resulting in a smooth, medium bodied ale with a balanced finish.

Cherry Valley Smoked Porter, 6.3 ABV

Dark, rich porter creates warmth through cherry wood smoked and chocolate malts, light floral hops and traditional low carbonation, resulting in a medium/full bodied ale with a balanced finish.

Sunny Boy IPA, 7% ABV

A citrus hop punch from the 100% NY hops added throughout the entire brewing process. Light and body and appearance, this IPA finishes crisp and light.

Gordie Boy Brown Ale, 5.8% ABV

Distinctly English. Nutty and biscuity malts blended with floral and herbal hops, plus light fruity esters from English yeast make for a medium bodied ale with a crisp, slightly dry finish.

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