Introducing H. Clausen & Son Bock Beer

Introducing H. Clausen & Son Bock Beer, Red Shed Brewing

A new year, and a new beer – we are excited to launch the beer we’ve been waiting for, the latest in our H. Clausen and Son series: The Bock Beer.

Brewing up history through collaboration. H. Clausen & Son Brewing was the 9th largest brewery in the United States before prohibition. Today, the Clausen Farm in Sharon Springs, NY is being restored to its original glory, and Red Shed Brewery is proud to revive classic beer recipes from the mid to late 1800’s – when NY State was booming with local hops and grains. Throughout the year, Red Shed Brewery will brew a series of limited release, small batch brews that showcase the best of the region’s ingredients and history. Be a part of the before with Clausen Farm and Red Shed Brewery.